Super Easy Way to Use Italian San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano Tomatoes

For those who don’t know yet, San Marzano is a variety of tomatoes that is enjoyed by a number of top chefs as one of the tastiest tomato sauces around the world. Italian San Marzano is the best option among all. Bright in color, & elongated, and much like the roma tomato, these tomatoes are comparatively thinner and have a more pointed tip. With the meaty, plum-like texture, San Marzano tomatoes have fewer seeds, are easier to peel, and contain lower level of acid.

San Marzano Tomatoes

Famous for their sweet yet complex flavor, this variety of tomatoes comes from the vigorous undetermined or vining tomato plants that produce clusters of this amazing fruit that does well in storage as well as on the vine. Italian San Marzano can bear fruit till frost and need staking for support.

Availability of San Marzano Tomatoes:

This variety of tomatoes is available from mid to late summer seasons at the local farmers market. You can also find San Marzano canned tomatoes year-round to enjoy some authentic pasta and other snacks anytime of the year.

Interesting Facts:

San Marzano tomatoes are named after the town these are grown – San Marzano sul Sarno. Alike other types of tomatoes, these belong to the Nightshade or Solanaceae family. Botanically, San Marzano tomatoes are termed as Solanum Lycopersicum. These are additionally categorized as plum-type tomatoes, called as pear, paste, saladette, processing, and sauce tomatoes.

Nutritional Value of San Marzano Tomatoes:

Italian San Marzano variety of tomatoes is rich in Vitamin A and VItamin C. these are low in calories, are cholesterol-free, and have potassium too! Other than that, these provide the necessary fiber and folate to the body. Any variety of tomato is known for having antioxidant compound (lycopene) which is even touted to help with fighting diseases like cancer and heart disease.


While there are multiple uses of San Marzano tomatoes, they find the best use in the making of pasta sauces or pizza sauces. In fact, these are the only type of tomatoes that are used as the authentic Neapolitan pizza. The elongated shape with less seeds, tight flesh, and lower levels of juice make them perfect for the canning process. Canned San Marzano tomatoes are sold heavily around Italy and other regions.

Apart from canning, these tomatoes are perfect for chopping, drying, or slicing for salads, sandwiches, and other snacks. San Marzano go perfectly with Italian items like soft cheese (mozzarella), basil, and more. All you need to do is slice it thin, pour some extra virgin olive oil and roast it at sim for a sweet and delicious topping for your bread. Or you can layer the slices with some garlic, onion, and basil topping with cheese for some quick, savory tart!

All in all, you can get everything from fresh San Marzano tomatoes to canned ones. The market is full of options when it comes to buying this wonderful variety of tomatoes both online and from your nearby grocery store.

San Marzano tomato sauce is something that you will find too useful for making different snacks at home. Enjoy the truly authentic flavor of Italian recipes with San Marzano tomato!

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