Have You Ever Considered a Cape Cod Winter Vacation?

Around this time of the year, the festivities and holiday magic have died down, but the frosty morning and puffy coats remain. If you live in the concrete jungle of NYC, it’s easy to fall into a slump, but nothing a quick pick-me-up can’t fix. It’s the perfect time to get out of town and visit a place that isn’t so cold and gloomy. 

When people talk about winter destinations, everyone wants to join the snowbirds and fly south to the mainstream beaches and tourist attractions. Sure, going to the Keys sounds like an adventure, but what if your time is limited, or you don’t want to deal with the extreme heat Florida brings? 

Northern winter in the city is harsh and unwelcoming, but not everyone is willing to go far for a change of scenery. For an extended weekend, we recommend a closer vacation spot: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Immediately we get weird looks and assumptions that sound along the lines of  “Isn’t too cold?” 

Depending on where you’re from and how warm your hometown is during the winter, you may instantly picture Cape Cod as a winter wonderland in February. Maybe you envision dull, overcast beaches and icy roads that would give Alberta car insurance companies a run for their money. It’s time that we tell you the truth. 

It’s Better Than What You Imagine

The weather is amazing in the wintertime, especially if you’re trying to escape harsh low temperatures. Cape Cod is famous for its beaches and many other attractions. There’s a reason why you can expect to see tourists there even during the windy 40-degree season.

Of course, if you have zero tolerance for the cold, you’re better off in more tropical climates. For those that can have fun in temperatures that aren’t triple digits, read on to discover what you could include in your itinerary. 

Why Cape Cod Winter Is Underrated

The backdrop alone is worth the trip, and the charming towns you come across make for a pleasant journey. Arriving there, you’ll want to explore the winding boardwalks that lead straight to the water, then watch the sunset on a quiet stretch of beach. 

Before nightfall, you can go home and rest in a comfy New England beach house, curled up by the fireplace with a good book to read. That’s unless you decide and enjoy stargazing. You’re far enough from the light pollution that the sky is perfect for it.  

Things To Do in Cape Cod

From December to February, there is a wide range of events and festivals to attend where you can enjoy cultural performances, local food, art, and antiques. There are also year-round activities that truly reflect Cape Cod’s charm. Nature lover or not, here are several of the many activities you can enjoy while you’re there:

  • See a show in one of the many historic theaters
  • Go museum-hopping (plus there’s an aquarium)
  • Brave the outdoors by hiking, biking, or horseback riding
  • Explore Provincetown, the hub of local artists and galleries
  • Stay warm by indulging in enticing eateries and bakeries
  • Try local restaurants and breweries  
  • Sharpen your ice skating or bowling skills 
  • And much, much more!

A Destination Less Traveled

There’s a long cold winter ahead of us, but it doesn’t have to put a stop to your enjoyment. For someone that wants the beach experience without the distance, hassle and the price, Cape Cod is the perfect option. If it wasn’t all that great, how else can you explain the millions of tourists the place attracts every year? 

Whether you’re bundling up and hiking the beautiful outdoor trails, or staying warm indoors eating, drinking, and being merry, you’re sure to have an enjoyable vacation. There’s something for everyone in Cape Cod. The best part of all: since it’s off-season, the prices are low, and the vacancies are plenty. Don’t be afraid to ask for a room with a view! 

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