Handy Examines the Advantage of Putting new Lenses in Your Old Glasses Frame

Putting new lenses on old glasses is quite beneficial both in terms of costs and suitability. The degree of vision fluctuates in children who have been using glasses from a very young age. There is little to no reason why a patient should obtain a new frame with new lenses every time. Let’s take a look at a few advantages pointed out by Handy regarding sticking to your old frame.

The Advantages

  1. It’s Cheaper – New frames can be expensive. There may be cheaper options available, but why bother spending the money when your old frame is still in good condition? Individuals with a sound sense of fashion usually have 3-4 frames for every occasion. However, you can save a lot by not choosing a new frame if your old one is working just fine.

Instead of investing in frames, you can use the money to buy customized lenses such as those with anti-reflective coating. If you are a frequent traveler, you can even buy a photochromic lens that turns blackish when exposed to sunlight.

  1. Recycling – Would you buy a new car to fit a new windshield? Unless you have a lot of money, you will most probably stick with your old car. The same principle applies to glasses as well. By not choosing to discard your current glasses, you are making optimal use of the item. So, not only do you get value for your money, but you are also helping the environment by not discarding correctly functioning equipment into the trash.
  2. Memories – Sometimes, a frame isn’t just a frame. It can contain memories that remind you of a specific incident in your life.

Suppose someone close to you passed away in an accident. It will be hard to get rid of a gift such as a spectacle you received from them. It can be challenging to part with the sentimental values of such objects, and changing the lens enables you to cherish such memories forever.

  1. Vintage – Limited editions frames are expensive, with some of them costing upwards of $300. One such famous brand is the Casanova that creates customized spectacles that are coveted by art lovers across the world. Such spectacles exude personality and cannot be replaced by anything else, changing the glasses becomes exceptionally beneficial.
  2. Unnecessary Expense – More often than not, the store owner wants to make a quick buck. They might show off a new collection of spectacles and even go as far as offering discounts so that they can make a sale. Nonetheless, if your frame is okay, you should consider not changing it as putting in a new glass is a viable option.
  3. Reuse Older Frames – Suppose you broke your new glasses and cannot afford to buy a new one this month due to budgetary constraints. You suddenly recall an old frame tucked somewhere in his closet. All you have to do is to get new lenses which are comparatively cheaper, and you won’t have to glue your eyes to his work monitor anymore.


Sometimes you may not have any other choice but to change the frame due to breakage or size issues. But until that time comes, Handy believes that it is better to make use of your existing frames.

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