Matthew Davies Stockton Explains Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Console Gaming

The PC vs console war has been waged since the dawn of digital gaming. There is no shortage of memes on the internet depicting how both communities bash at each other, claiming they are the better option in terms of gaming. Although it’s a matter of personal preference, Matthew Davies Stockton has his own opinions on how PC is better than console. Let’s see why.

The Reasons

  1. Upgrade friendly- You cannot dismantle your console and install the latest graphics card to play upcoming games smoothly. PC gamers have the flexibility to replace CPUs, RAMs, and even the GPUs at their convenience. In a manner of speaking, a PC never goes old as you can always ‘upgrade’ it to the latest specs.

However, that’s not the case with consoles. Once your console gets old, you have to buy a new one or deny yourself from the joy of playing the new games in the market.

  1. Availability of games- One of the best things that the PC gaming industry has going for itself is the availability of games. It’s true that consoles also have worthy, exclusive titles, but comparing them to PC is like comparing a pothole to the Pacific.

Some of the most excellent titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends are PC exclusives, although Riot announced that the game would make its debut in console this year. However, one can’t argue that PC offers a limitless supply of quality free games, giving it a significant advantage over consoles.

  1. Backward Compatibility- The backward compatibility offered by a PC is invaluable. You can run games from as far back as 2006. Even if a new operating system doesn’t run the game, you can always use an emulator, which is impossible in a console.

You could argue that people don’t usually play games from 2006. But if that were true, the emulator community would have ceased to exist today. The fact that they exist is living proof that gamers like playing old games. Since it’s only possible on a PC, it gives them an advantage over consoles.

  1. eSports- You must have noticed the recent uproar in eSports where gamers across the world duke it out over a massive prize pool. There are several games, the most famous of them being CS:GO and Dota 2. There have been some new add-ons as well such as PUBG, Fortnite along with a few others.

Although eSports exist for consoles, it’s not as grand or as highly celebrated as the PC events. Simply speaking, if you want to earn money while playing video games, then you should gun for the PC.

  1. Free Multiplayers experience- Consoles now offer a few paid subscription-based multiplayer games should you want to enjoy playing them with friends. Though they provide other benefits, the fact remains that you are paying a fee for multiplayer, in addition to buying the whole game.


Matthew Davies Stockton believes that there is no end to this debate of whether or not a PC is superior to consoles. These are the more glaring facts, but a quick run-through of the gaming community will reveal many more reasons why people consider PC gaming a better model than console gaming.

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