3 Famous Indian Sweets with Ingredients Available At Home

Indian cuisine is very rich and assorted and every region has its specialty.But Indian sweets enjoy their reputation across the world. Traditionally Indian sweets are not baked; they are usually cooked on a stove, and milk is an incredibly important part of the Indian sweets. Indian sweets are a significant part of all the Indian festivals, and most of the festivals are marked with various sweets, which are usually made at home.

Here are some of the sweets recipes you can try at home.

  1. Kalakand

Kalakand is also known as a rich milk cake, believed to originate from Alwar, Rajasthan. The main two ingredients for making the sweet are sweetened milk and paneer. Traditionally the making of Kalakand takes a long time. Let’s learn how to make kalakand.

Ingredients –ricotta cheese, whole milk, sugar (powdered), rose water, cardamoms, pistachios


  • Cook ricotta cheese and milk till excess liquid is dried up.
  • Add sugar to the mix and cook till the extra fluid is dried up, but the mixture’s wet consistency needs to be maintained.
  • Turn off the flame and add rose water and cardamom and transfer the mix into the mold and leave it to set.
  • Garnish kalakand with pistachios.
  1. KajuKatli

KajuKatli, also known as the cashew fudge, is one of the most sought after Indian sweet and usually given as a gift during festivals and on a special occasion. Here are the steps for a quick Kajukatli recipe.

Ingredients – 150 gm chopped cashew nuts, ½ tin NESTLÉ MILKMAID, 150 gmkhoa, 50 gmmaida, ½ cup milk, silver varq sheets


  • Grind the cashew nuts into a fine powder.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste.
  • Cook this mixture in a thick-bottomed pan on a slow flame. Once the mixture starts separating from the sides, switch off the flame.
  • Transfer the mixture into a plate, roll out thinly and garnish with the silver varq sheet.
  • Cut it into a square diamond shape and your KajuKatli is ready to serve.
  1. Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak, as the name suggests, is originated from the south Indian state of Karnataka. It is specially prepared during the Diwali season. Here are the steps to prepare the famous south Indian sweet.

Ingredients – Sugar, water, chickpea flour, and ghee


  • To make sugar syrup, add sugar in the water and cook the mixture on low flame.
  • Let the sugar dissolve completely till the water reaches the 1/3rd consistency.
  • Add chickpea flour and ghee and mix well.
  • The texture and the color changes to brown and crumbly.
  • Set the mix on a plate by patting and allowing it to cool. Cut into rectangular pieces and serve.

Try making these sweets and enjoy sweet delicacies at home with your friends and family.

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