The common Android OS problems

Most of the youth and elders prefer to buy Android phones because they come within a budget. Its sleek design, attractive look, and features compel people to buy Android smartphones. There are times when people find need to buy a new smartphone.The problems in smartphones like Samsung flip phone battery replacement, charging cable have increased the chance of replacing the smartphone. So, here are some common Android problems faced by the users-

  1. The problem in charging cable-

This is a common problem that can be seen in a smartphone. Due to the problem in charging cable, the charging speed gets slow or even stays at the same battery percentage. The one fails to transfer the files to a personal computer, or laptop, etc. The problem also occurs because of overheating mobile phones for a long time on charging.

  1. Battery problem-

If you’re facing a problem in a battery then one should try to update the system to get rid of this problem. It will work and helps in restoring the battery and performance of the smartphone.

  1. Connectivity issues-

The connectivity issues might suffer from many people. It occurs when we are at a location where the network range is not proper, or when there is a problem in your cell phone. The problem can be fixed by turning off the smartphone and switching it on after 30 seconds. If this method does not play well, the technician will help you out.

  1. Running low internal memory-

The other problem that Android user faces is the low internal memory. Android phones come with different price ranges and internal space. Thus, if you are running at low internal memory you won’t able to download the applications on your phone.

  1. Autocorrect issues-

The common irritating issue of auto-correcting is chaos for most ofthe people. While typing we do so many corrections for which auto correction helps but at times it changes our typing with their own words. It is advisable to switch off the prediction for smooth communication on messages.

  1. Application not responding-

Have you ever seen application crashes? If yes, it is because the updates are needed for your smartphone or the app. Many Samsung users try to replace and give repairer the Samsung cell phone battery replacement. One should understand this is not the reason for application crashes. Hence, try to first re-install the app, or system update and try again.

  1. The problem in Google play store-

The other common problem could see in the Google play store. The simple solution is to clear cache from the settings and you are done. Reboot your phone and it will work smoothly.

Last words,

Every smartphone has some problems and thus, the solutions are provided to get it fixed. Thus, one should know about these problems and methods to fix them without hesitation and in a calm manner. Before going to the technician, there are many videos over the digital platform that will help to fix the problem.

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