Surprising health benefits of badam rogan oil!

The Badam Rogan oil is the combination of the badam oil and sweet almond oil. The oil has many medicinal and healing properties such as anti-cancer, brain tonic, memory booster, moisturizer, emollient, and immune-boosting property. The oil is light and colourless contains sweet odour. The oil is used for the external application for treating many skin problems such as dry skin, dark circles, hair fall, premature whitening, etc.

Herbal badam roghan oil has many health benefits and is popular for effects on skin and hair. It also works as the moisturizer that keeps your skin against drying and chapped lips upon regular usage.

Badam Roghan oil is rich in antioxidants, essential omega – 6 acids, vitamins, linoleic acid, and oleic acid thus has neurological and cardiovascular benefits. There are other health benefits of the badam rogan oil and here they are discussed below:

  • Reduces inflammation of the skin

The oil has the anti-inflammatory properties and thus it can act upon the skin to down the inflammation when used. Further it helps in relieving itchiness and redness that are the usual symptoms of the dermal conditions.

  • Helps treating dark circles

There are many underlying causes for getting the dark circles. Rogan badam oil for dark circles is the perfect choice to get rid of those under the eyes. The oil works on the dark circles that are formed due to exposure to sun, caused by fatigue, loss of collagen content and fat, any irregular pigmentation, etc. In few cases, applying badam rogan oil with the mixture of other oils and coriander powder might help treating the dark circles.

  • Used for treating wrinkles

Due to the presence of antioxidant properties, the oil contains more vitamin E content and thus helps in reducing the wrinkles and lines on the skin. The oil further has the potential to reverse the damage caused by the UV rays from the exposure of the skin. Upon regular usage, the oil helps in replenishing the skin and maintains the smooth texture, glowing and young skin.

  • Treats constipation

The oil also known to contain laxative effect and thus can work well on the bowel movements and other intestine dysfunctional problems. And the oil can use when there are conditions such as anal cuts, irregular bowel movements, stools formation, etc.

  • Relieves headache and migraine problems

Although there are less reports that the oil cures headache and migraine, the truth behind is that it cannot cure all kind of headaches and vary based on the person. The oil is used when there is pulsation, stress, stiffness in the neck or pain in the body that causes headache problems. In case of headache caused due to the other reasons, applying badam rogan oil can alleviate pain.

  • Used as facial cleanser and moisturizer

It is quick shocking to know that we can use oil to clean and massage your face and according to the evidences, cleansing face with the oil has many health benefits and as they work on the dissolving of the impurities, it is the best face cleanser. The badam rogan oil helps to get rid of the stubborn impurities, dead cells on the skin and removes additional sebum deposited on the skin.


For many years, badam oil has been used for many health purposes and there are overwhelming benefits that the oil produces other than the above mentioned purposes. The special quality of the oil makes it ideal for all skin uses and needs.

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